Our design aim is to inspire and educate the benefits of greening the greyscape and bringing to life public areas. We provide designs and information that can be easily viewed and understood.

Our workflow follows our simple methodology.

  1. Understand the vision. Why are we doing this and what is the emotive response that is desired
  2. Develop the strategy and design to bring the vision to life.
  3. Project manage and execute the design requirements.

We provide design information in various formats from sketches and annotations, 3D renders to scaled plan drawings. Sunlight modelling for plant selection.  We work with architects, town planners and engineers. We specialise is in the translation of placemaking data into the design and build of a shared space.  This can be for permanent, long term temporary, or short term fast activations.  For examples of these designs visit Our Work section or download our brochure.

We measure our success by how our designs are received by the community. The majority of our projects lifespans have extended. For other clients we have proven the public’s appetite for large scale placemaking.



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