The modular nature of Plantabox – their variable configuration and size options, and design options such as benching, water features and a variety of plant types – provides the perfect solution to bring life into the built environment. Their watering system is fully contained, minimising the chance of leakage and meaning only minor maintenance of a Plantabox is required.

They can be places permanently or brought in at the short notice for an event. They can assist with pedestrian traffic flow as well as provide a barrier between vehicles and the public.

The Plantabox is suitable for a wide range of plants, from providing community gardens to flower beds.  The boxes are for both indoor and outdoor use.  Planting for indoors varies on natural light conditions however new LED grow lighting is now allowing a greater variety of plants to live under low light conditions.

Plantabox is perfect for shopping centres, areas of little natural environment,  areas trapping high heat ambience or where temporary garden environments are required such as in events.

The boxes also can come with frames enabling them to be sloped or raised as well as easily transported with caster wheel attachments.


Life span:

Operational: Life span 20+ years

plant-a-box dimensions:

2.4m x 1.2m (customs sizes available)

plant-a-box depth:

400mm to custom

plant-a-box weight:

1.1 tonne (full water)

plant-a-box volume:

0.5m3 soil volume

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