Plantabox Turf

Bringing perfect living lawn to any location

Made from plastic trays filled with soil, mature lawn and a water reservoir. Trays are 1.2m x 1.2m x 200mm high and bordered with wood or other material to suit décor. They can be permanently placed, such as a roof top garden, or easily moved and reconfigured as a pop-up park.

The inbuilt reservoir captures rainwater or is filled via an innovative internal watering system. This removes the need for watering via sprinklers, saving water and eliminating usage downtime.

The trays have high drainage rate so the grass is usable after heavy rain. The grass surface is smooth with joins between the trays barely visible. Worn areas can be quickly fixed by replacing individual trays. Ideal for high traffic areas.

The Plantabox Turf system enables the grass to thrive in hot and dry locations. If you need ready to use lawn in any environment Plantabox Turf is the answer.



1.2 x 1.2 m x 200mm height




50% recycled content plastic


Easy to move with pallet jack or forklift

Growing profile:

Dependable on turf and environmental requirements


Any turf grass species


Built in reservoir and enclosed watering system


Disability access ramps


FSC certified hardwood or other material

Life Span:

Operational 10+ years

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