plantabox deterrents

Major Events are regular and loved fixtures in most major cities. Mass sporting participation such as fun runs, New Year’s Eve celebrations, major stadium events, and various community and cultural days require significant organisation and logistics.

Decisions around security, public safety, traffic flows and road closures are balanced with showcasing the city’s beauty. Plantabox offers an alternative to other products; offering visual deterrents and at the same time providing the aesthetics required to showcase a city. Our specially-designed taut line semi-trailers enable fast installation and removal of Plantabox units from the site. The two tonne plant-a-box unit is able to be moved quickly in-situ to allow emergency vehicles access into public areas.

The Plantabox is however still a garden, enabling colour and vibrancy plus seating to be brought into an event space, removing the need for ugly bollards.


Dimensions: :

Large: 2.4 x 1.2 metres x 800mm deep


Gardens prepared efficiently in bulk. OHS friendly.