Portagrass Sports Turf

Portagrass Sports Turf is a removable natural turf system that allows an entire grass playing surface to be moved. The portable sports turf system uses modules that are 2.4m x 2.4m galvanised metal frames supporting the proven StrathAyr root zone stabilised with ReFlex® mesh elements. The system has been designed for maximum grass growth, ease of use and durability. The system is proven by year of use. For use in stadia wanting to multi-use their space.  Download the Portagrass Brochure here

True multi-use stadium  

  • Increase stadium use, event income and profit
  • Hold sport and non-sport events on different surfaces with easy setup
  • Entire surface changed between events
  • Surface change from grass to concrete in 10 hours
  • More frequent events
  • Flexible event scheduling
  • Playable immediately after installation and surface preparation

World-class grass surface

  • Consistent high quality natural grass playing surface
  • Grass stored and grown in full sun outside of stadium
  • Grass not damaged by other events
  • Entire field or damaged areas, such as goalmouth, easily replaced
  • High drainage rate for all-weather use
  • Resolve problems of sunlight and airflow for grass growth
  • Assist with cold climate turf management



2.4m x 2.4m (8ft x 8ft)


200mm (7.8 inches) plus grass


1,500kg (3,300lb)


Galvanised steel base with plastic inserts

Field size and shapes:

Modules can be cut to any size and shape


Fast and easy to move with forklifts

Module joins:

Level and tight

Growing profile:

Sand and peat reinforced with ReFlex® mesh

Drainage rate:

Minimum 100mm (4 inches)/hr, drainage channels in base

Turf grass:

Any turf grass species


Good airflow under root zone


Air or ground heating

Pitch Base:

Normally concrete


Surface or in-ground sprinklers

Load Bearing:

Options of 9 or 12 tonnes per 4 tyred axle

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