Portagrass Racetrack Crossing

The system combines a natural turf racetrack with a roadway crossing using the Portagrass system for heavy vehicles. On race days the turf modules provide a perfect racing surface. On non race days the modules are removed to create a heavy duty roadway. The roadway crossing is a concrete pad across the racetrack at 220-240 mm below the track surface. The turf surface is made of modules with a steel base supporting growing profile and natural grass. The crossing is easily moved, taking 5 minutes to move each module to a nearby nursery site with a forklift. The system has been in use at Sam Houston Race Park in Texas since 2008. 


Crossing dimensions:

Any multiple of 2.4 metre square modules


Move with standard forklift with long tines


240mm (9.5 inches) plus grass

Growing Profile:

Same profile as the track reinforced with ReFlex® mesh

Turf grass:

Any turf grass species

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