Wollongong City Council, Pop-up Parks 2018 - 19

This project brought living colour and natural cooling via installation of 3 Pop-up Parks along Crown Street Mall.

They were designed to engage with the community and visiting shoppers.

The installation continues to be updated with music, storage space and lighting added

Floriade, Tunnel, Beatles Sculpture and Fountain 2018 

Floriade requested help to activate their festival as they required new ideas to engage with their patrons.

Three major pieces of work were undertaken  from design,  construction and install. 

These included a major entrance tunnel with a themed sound and lightscape, a piazza (including fountain, seating and gardens) and a sculpture. These zones became key elements of Floriade 2018

Canberra CBD: City Renewal Authority, 2018 

The City Renewal Authority partnered with us to conduct a trial of the new Pop-up Parks natural grow system.  

The aim was to bring living lawn and flowers to the city CBD that would provide an area for people to relax and children to play.  

The combination of Plantabox flower beds  and the Plantabox Turf mature lawn gave an instant green boost plas an activation zone to the City CBD during their spring. 

Floriade, Portable Garden Beds  2016-18 

From our work designing the Drop-in Cricket Pitch and Portagrass Court the 2015 Floriade approached us to find a solution to increase their tulip beds coverage.  We designed and developed specialised outdoor Plantaboxes

In 2016 large scale production of boxes allowing 800m2 of mature tulips and annuals to be showcased. We then designed lifting and tilting frames.

We continue to install and maintain boxes for Floriade; the largest flower show in the southern hemisphere.

Portable Tennis Court 2015 -18 

A Portagrass Court is owned and maintained by Tennis Australia.  The court is used when hosting international tournaments where arenas may not have grass courts.

The court was first installed in 2015 in Queensland, since then for tournaments in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. 

We manage the move, install and removal of the court for each event.

Garden of Enchantment. 2019

Construction and rental of purpose designed and built themed garden - Garden of Enchantment, Canberra CBD.

Including gardens of tulips and annuals, pond, bridge, meadow grass area, curved gravel path, tunnel, kids magic garden, kids rolling mound, insect hotel, lawn areas, bench seating, sculptures and light features.

The garden was popular with the public and was heavily used. Organised events on the garden included book readings, music workshops, face painting, dance performances, buskers and Friday weekly discos.

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