St Mary's 2022

Penrith Council activated 6 consecutive car parks along West St in St Mary's.  We designed and then installed over one day a mix of large planters, tree boxes, turf trays and decking.  On completion of the activation community feedback resulted in the park continuing on site

Sydney Olympic Park 2022

Joining forces with Canopee we installed a demonstration pop up park highlighting the value of greening grey spaces.

A combination of decking, native grass and turf trays, seating and planters.



The Bee Hive 2022

Canterbury Bankstown developed community micro-rooms.  We won the tender to develop an educational room informing the community about beneficial insects and how to attract them to your garden.  Our design was based on hexagonal walls and planters enabling indigenous plants, native stingless bee hive and information to be portrayed in a fun and engaging manner.

Kingswood 2022

Penrith council provided multiple activations around Kingswood.  Part of this was the provision of 3 car spots being turned into an area for the public to gather.  

The designed parklet included a mix of edible and aesthetic plantings.

Good Vibes Granville 2022

The Granville Good Vibes festival closed South St for 9 days.  We designed and then provided all seating, plantings, planters, trees, decking and furniture.  We also organised all ambient lighting.

Install was completed within one day.


Launch of our hanging baskets, Bondi Junction 2022

Waverley Council requested hanging baskets to be placed within Bondi Junction, however commercial hanging baskets that did not require daily watering and maintenance were not available.  We spent 4 months in R&D developing a spherical hanging basket that contained a water reservoir and wicking system. We also designed a universal hanging arm to allow the baskets to be hung on any pole diameter, from aluminium to timber. The result is these beautiful hanging baskets, that can take up to 56 plants and only need watering twice a week in hot conditions.

Skyparks Bondi Junction 2022 

The Skyparks project was a trial funded by NSWDPE and Waverley Council to trial emerging green products for roof tops.  Of the 3 sites Plantabox was given the Bondi Junction Westfield carpark to create a pollination park.  Beautifully designed by Alex Georgouras from Common Grounds we worked with Alex to bring his ideas to life.  Remnant native plants used in both turf trays and tree boxes with decking and turf, Sheet metal facading and sides. 

Pop-up parks for community 2022

Mornington Peninsula Council closed down their main street to celebrate summer.

We designed and supplied four pop up parks.  Two placed on roads and the others on the side walk to bring seating, shade, greenery and a hosting spot of buskers. They stayed for 2 months with the result that one parklet became permanent.

Train station greening 2022

The area directly beside Blacktown train station was void of low greenery and lacking seating.  The layout was not attractive to foot traffic.

We worked with council to remove fencing, then simply brought in some freestanding Large and Small plantaboxes, seating and umbrellas to help soften the built environment.

Bespoke Seating 2021

Our creative team was commissioned to design a bespoke seat and performance area for Blacktown City Council.  

We used FSC sustainable Australian hardwood, LED strip lighting, power outlets, Water fountain and feature plus native plants to design and build this unique space for Blacktown.

Bondi Beach festival activation 2021

Bondi Beach's famous winter festival requested that they wanted to create a zone for the launch, performances and public to gather that provided seating and greenery in a temporary feature. Designed around the concept of sand dunes we incorporated seating natives and grass areas.

Campbelltown Queen St  activation 2021

Designing with council we created a half road closure that incorporated grass areas, decking, public seating, kids playground and shade canopies to help revitalise this main street.

Blacktown Plaza 2021

After having installed a hugely successful park in this space council and ourselves wanted to redesign to provide more shade, separate the kids area from smoking and reduce turf wear. This project saw the first use of the double canopies. 

Mornington Peninsula Council, Rosebud activation 2021

The council wanted to explore placemaking at Rosebud and asked us to supply, install and maintain the pop-up green infrastructure for their project.

We designed two small parklets that were installed in January, with project extensions for 4 months.

Coogee Bay Street activation, Coogee NSW 2020-21



We worked with Randwick council to placemake 150 of Coogee Bay Rd.  There were a number of challenges from change of this main road from 2 to 1 lanes, keeping parking numbers, educating the public, pedestrian and disability access and understanding local businesses needs.  We then designed, project managed and installed.  

Cabramatta Chinese gate activation 2020

Fairfield council wanted to mark the 'return to normal' after covid lockdown by activating the main gateway into Cabramatta. Bringing Plantabox Turf into a space devoid of greenery provided the perfect instagram back drop.

Event activations. Northern Beaches NSW 2020

Northern Beaches council activated street zones at Dee Why, Monavale and Newport over 3 consecutive weekends to help increase local patronage for businesses.  We designed the spaces, built pallet furniture incorporating Plantabox Turf, Rope bollards, disability ramps and Small Plantaboxes and installed.

Permanent portable park VIC 2020

Roberts Avenue in Horsham has a wide pedestrian paved sidewalk.  Council wanted to green this area without the large cost of excavation and infrastructure.   We designed, built and installed a park that would be permanent but could also be moved if required.  Full watering and wicking systems built in to conserve water and limit maintenance.

Town Square, Kogorah NSW 2020

Portable Pop-up Park designed and built into the Kogorah town square to help provide cooling and increase community usable space.  The park was then relocated in 2021 to Hurstville and is still in use.

Bespoke park, Wollongong 2020

The brief was to design a bespoke park that had no straight edges and typography that could be built with no excavation.  We incorporated the wicking and drainage features then designed and built from scratch.  Seating, that also complied with Covid specifications, as well as designed and built 40 plant drums with wicking using recycled 200l steel drums.

Meek Street, Kingsford 2020

With the building of the light rail down Anzac Pde Meek street was terminated. Minor activation was on this site until the rail completed then pulled down.  Randwick CC asked us to design and bring in some temporary installation and colour.  We changed the Plantabox tree facading, brought in a solar fountain and seating.

Lithgow St greening Campbelltown 2020

Campbelltown council was looking at ways to provide greenery and more seating to this street.  We worked with their team to design the space and build gardens directly onto the road using our process in Wollongong.

Small plantaboxes for streets, Dee Why NSW 2020

Pittwater Road is the main arterial road for the northern beaches.  Around Dee Why there is no greenery along the footpaths and the whole area a greyscape.  Street planters were requested so we installed Small Plantaboxes to help green this zone.

Patrick Plaza. Blacktown City Council  2020 

The plaza usage was that of loitering, drug dealing as well as being a large heat trap. The council wanted to placemake the area to change its usability, make it inviting without major construction expense.  We were brought in to consult, design and construct this portable park. Public access to adjoining local transport hubs, mall entrance way and local businesses whilst creating an inviting and cool place for the residents to come were the main design criteria. 

Portagrass Display Plot Guangzhou China 2019 ongoing 

A display plot of Portagrass Sportsturf was assembled in Guangzhou in 2019 to display the product to the dynamic Chinese market. 

The plot has tested locally used sportsturf varieties on the surface and tested local operating procedures. The plot is performing well giving a sports surface suitable for international football. 






Garden of Enchantment, Canberra 2019

Initial placemaking undertaken in conjunction with the Canberra City Renewal Authority. Construction and rental of purpose designed and built themed garden - Garden of Enchantment, Canberra CBD.

Including gardens of tulips and annuals, pond, bridge, meadow grass area, curved gravel path, tunnel, kids magic garden, kids rolling mound, insect hotel, lawn areas, bench seating, sculptures and light features.

The garden was popular with the public and was heavily used. Organised events on the garden included book readings, music workshops, face painting, dance performances, buskers and Friday weekly discos. 

To see the ACT CRA survey results from garden usage visit here

Wollongong City Council, Pop-up Parks 2018-20

This project brought living colour and natural cooling via installation of 3 Pop-up Parks along Crown Street Mall.

They were designed to engage with the community and visiting shoppers.

The installation continues to be updated with music, storage space and lighting added

Floriade, Tunnel, Beatles Sculpture and Fountain 2018 

Floriade requested help to activate their festival as they required new ideas to engage with their patrons.

Three major pieces of work were undertaken  from design,  construction and install. 

These included a major entrance tunnel with a themed sound and lightscape, a piazza (including fountain, seating and gardens) and a sculpture. These zones became key elements of Floriade 2018

Canberra CBD: City Renewal Authority, 2018 

The City Renewal Authority partnered with us to conduct a trial of the new Pop-up Parks natural grow system.  

The aim was to bring living lawn and flowers to the city CBD that would provide an area for people to relax and children to play.  

The combination of Plantabox flower beds  and the Plantabox Turf mature lawn gave an instant green boost plas an activation zone to the City CBD during their spring. 

Fed Cup Tie Canberra 2018

The Fed Cup ties between Australia and Ukraine was played on the Portagrass court in Canberra. The court surface was measured at high quality flatness and ball bounce. 






Floriade, Portable Garden Beds  2016-19 

From our work designing the Drop-in Cricket Pitch and Portagrass Court the 2015 Floriade approached us to find a solution to increase their tulip beds coverage.  We designed and developed specialised outdoor Plantaboxes

In 2016 large scale production of boxes allowing 800m2 of mature tulips and annuals to be showcased. We then designed lifting and tilting frames.

We continue to install and maintain boxes for Floriade; the largest flower show in the southern hemisphere.



Davis Cup Ties Melbourne and Sydney 2016

David Cup ties were played on Portagrass portable court in Melbourne and Sydney in 2016 in the high profile international tournament. 







Portable Tennis Court 2015-18 

A Portagrass Court is owned and maintained by Tennis Australia.  The court is used when hosting international tournaments where arenas may not have grass courts.

The court was first installed in 2015 in Queensland, since then for tournaments in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. 

We manage the move, install and removal of the court for each event.




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