Plantabox provides portable grow products to allow living plants to be used in new and dynamic ways.

By bringing together horticulture, engineering, logistics and design we make large scale indoor and outdoor flowerbeds and with our Portagrass range, removable natural turf surfaces.

People want to feel connected to nature. They want colour, texture and seasonal urban greenery. A 2007 Quality of Life Gallup survey found that residents were happier if they felt their city was beautiful (aesthetics), clean (aesthetics and safety), and if they felt safe walking at night (safety). 

For the last two decades, there has been a trend towards plastic replica indoor plants and synthetic grass been used to create fake green zones. Alongside there the use of concrete bollards to protect and direct pedestrians and vehicles has increased. While these are cheap and easy to maintain, society is now demanding a built environment connected, authentic and natural.

Enter Plantabox: a revolutionary living green space that is modular, flexible, easy to move, has both indoor and outdoor applications and requires minimal maintenance. It provides;

  • Creative dynamic garden designs
  • Instant portable living colour
  • Security and traffic management solutions
  • Large scale, efficient garden preparation.

Portagrass delivers;

  • removable playing surfaces
  • consistent high quality natural turf
  • compatibility with all turf varieties and applications
  • large scale grass area delivered on top of built environment

Developed over the last six years by our R&D department Plantabox answers community demands for urban aesthetics and safety and Portagrass the need for spaces to switch between surfaces and provide green zones in a built environment.