our team

Peter Casimaty - Managing Director

Peter has been co-owner of sports turf company StrathAyr and CFO for a number of international companies. A driven innovator, Peter's interest is in the technology, engineering and operational areas of business.  Over the last few years Peter has developed and re-engineered the Plantabox and Portagrass products resulting in leading-edge installations. Peter's passion is working out how to keep a living system operational with the stresses of different environments whilst being portable. 

Ben Perry - Creative Director

Over last 16 years Ben has owned a number of businesses including creative and marketing agencies, a major events company and a strategic consulting company.  Underpinning all of this is a professional interest with how people interact with spaces, especially in the built environment or around temporary installations such as major events. A lateral thinker, Ben is always considering new ways to see more of the natural environment placed into the built environment.  

Damian Wrigley - Sales and Operations Manager  

Damian is a talented, organized and detail-oriented professional with 20 plus years exposure to Sales, Commercial and various Facility Operations, allowing him the ability to work in numerous industries including and not limited to hospitality , advertising , corporate and facility management sectors. Driven by his positively and passion Damian has crafted his Commercial skills more recently while cultivating a start up, entrepreneurial community in a co-working space he helped create.

our history

Plantabox and StrathAyr Portable have origins in Strathayr, an Australian family owned sports turf company, that  is a leader in sports turf technology and over the last 20 years developed portable sports surface products such as portable sports fields and drop-in cricket wickets

Recent product development of the portable sports field product has resulted in Portagrass; with improved performance and cost reductions this has been used in building a world leading portable tennis court for Tennis Australia and international horsetrack racing crossing. In 2014, Floriade (Canberra’s most iconic annual tourism event and Australia’s premier spring festival) requested that we examine the feasibility of developing portable flower beds so the festival could increase their flower offering while not having to ‘dig up’ the surrounding park. In 2015 prototype plant a-boxes were trialled.  This was followed in 2016 with large scale implementation delivering 800 m2 of portable gardens. In 2017 we developed lift and tilt frames to enable the plant-a-boxes to be viewed in a more engaging manner. In 2017 we undertook major engineering and design changes to the original concept and in 2018 launched our new range of indoor - outdoor Plantaboxes

StrathAyr Portable was formed in 2017 to focus on portable grow systems, with StrathAyr continuing with turf growing and turf related construction. StrathAyr Portable continues to investing heavily in R&D with engineering underway of the new range of Plantaboxes to form a security rated crash barriers.