Welcome to Plantabox and Portagrass  

We specialise in portable grow systems for sport surfaces, landscaping and the built environment.  Our philosophy is to create long lasting modular, flexible, portable and low maintenance design features for both outdoor and indoor use.  We have two ranges, Plantabox that specialises for use in public spaces and Portagrass for sports and racing surfaces.

The Plantabox Product Range range includes various sizes of Plantabox planters as well as modular decking, water features, misting, shade and seating. Plantabox Turf provides a growing medium for turf and other shallow rooted grasses and plants. All our growing beds have inbuilt water reservoirs and wicking systems.  These two ranges are combined to design Pop-up parks, parklets and road activations.

We have internal design and placemaking services, we then build and install as well as maintain if required.  We grow out all the plants and turf before installation providing instant greening of a grey space. 

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